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Estrogen Metabolism Assessment, Urine

Establish a Baseline 2/16 Ratio and Monitor Treatment Response

The Estrogen Metabolism Assessment™ is a urinary hormone test that is used for assessing the classic 2/16 ratio. This targeted urinary hormone test provides measurement of select hydroxyestrogens, 2-hydroxyestrone and 16α-hydroxyestrone and is allows for initial assessment of the 2/16 ratio as well as follow-up testing to monitor response to hormone therapies.

Why use the Estrogen Metabolism Assessment profile?

In conventional hormone testing, basic parent hormones (estrogens, progesterone, etc.) are usually measured in blood. However, urinary hormone testing provides several advantages:

  • Urinary hormone testing provides a more comprehensive look at hormone metabolism, measuring basic parent hormones, as well as compounds produced from parent hormones

  • Convenient, at-home collection of a first-morning or 24-hour specimen

The Estrogen Metabolism Assessment test is a sub-panel of the more comprehensive Complete Hormones test. Another useful sub-panel that also offers targeted clinical utility is:

  • Essential Estrogens – a focused overview of estrogen balance, using a single urine sample (or 24-hr sample for those on hormone therapy) to evaluate the dynamics of sex-steroid metabolism, including parent estrogens, key metabolites, and relevant ratios.


Test Type: Urine Test

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