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What is most beautiful is that your work is one of the highest messages of life, which is to have your work drawing a smile, and planting hope and help in achieving healing and receives a new baby for life. That combines firmness, seriousness, humanity, compassion, conscience and duty. When you live in the memory of one lifetime thank you and thank you, I think this is a great victory. Because one of the most painful situations "that the patient believes that his illness did not create a medication for him" for reasons such as lack of awareness of this disease and not knowing where to find the right place to get the right treatment effective. This made me feel that I am in front of a great humanitarian responsibility and that with every situation that can be cured I can cultivate hope again.

Years and years go by, and our hands are still receiving small faces for life, leaving healthy people in full recovery to continue their lives in hope and health. We will not stop for a moment in helping those who need it by spreading awareness and providing integrated medical services under one roof. We believe in our role in participating in building this community and providing job opportunities within the hospital and preparing training programs for employees to raise their professional and knowledge level. We look forward to continuing to serve our society by all available means that are based on international standards and modern technology in all fields of medical, surgical and exceptional medical staff with good experience and ethics.